The Discovery Village property has been zoned for a medical / health campus since the 1990’s when Scripps Health envisioned building a 1.2-million square foot medical / office complex on the site. Changing market conditions and health care needs in the area have since rendered this concept obsolete.

In 2006, H.G. Fenton Company, a 110-year-old family-owned local real estate company, entered a joint venture agreement with Scripps Health to explore potential uses for the land which are more compatible with surrounding planned and existing uses.

Beginning in 2006, various land use changes were explored but ultimately never brought forward for approval.  Options such as business parks, high-density multifamily communities, and combinations of both were explored but ultimately tabled when the economic conditions of 2008 began.

In 2016, H.G. Fenton conceived a plan to develop two separate but related projects on the property which would be bisected by the extension of Discovery Street. The end result of the proposed plans would be an overall reduction in the intensity and impact of the site compared to if it was developed as a hospital.

The southern portion of the property, referred to as Discovery Village South, would be developed with up to 230 single family, detached homes. Because the existing Specific Plan for Discovery Village South must be changed from a medical / health campus use to a less intensive residential one, a new Specific Plan is required which, in turn, requires a General Plan Amendment.

The northern portion of the property falls within the University District (North City) Specific Plan and will be developed as a mixed-use project with office space, residential, public park, and school in accordance with the already approved zoning. This project is referred to as Discovery Village North.

Together, these projects would support the completion of Discovery Road (connecting it from Bent Avenue eastward to Twin Oaks Valley Road); preserve, create and protect sensitive wetland habitat in and around San Marcos Creek; and dedicate land for parks and trails, consistent with the City’s Mobility Element.

To support this vision and process, applications have been prepared and submitted to the City of San Marcos for review including:

  • Discovery Village South: General Plan Amendment, Specific Plan, Tentative Map, and Site Development plan for up to 230 single family, detached residential units.
  • Discovery Village North: Tentative Map to create 8 lots for future development.

To monitor the status of this process, provide feedback or ask questions, please see Learn More.